Thursday, June 16, 2016

Evicted Sharecroppers

This is a picture of another group of Sharecroppers who were part of the massive sharecropper eviction in 1939 in New Madrid, County Missouri. All the pictures this week were taken at the same spot at the side of the highway. From the picture, it looks like dozens of families had been evicted at the same time.


  1. Some very sad pictures this week.They deserved better than that.

  2. Most of these families seem to be part of a roadside sharecropper demonstration organised by Owen Whitfield. As part of The New Deal, land planted with cotton was reduced and landowners received cash compensation from the government, most of them kept the money, dumped their sharecroppers and hired day laborers for the smaller crops. Some land owners did give the sharecroppers cash payments to move or hired them on a day workers, but not many. The homeless sharecroppers gathered on the roadsides and invited the press to document the day. They garnered enough publicity that eventually representatives were able to negotiate the building of public housing.
    My grandparents were part of the eviction in Bootheel but were hired back as day workers, probably because they were white.


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